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There are many quests on ABCUO, suitable for all levels of players. This page lists starting information about the quests, but not all of the details. Players have written walkthroughs of some of the quests to help you along; check out the ABCUO forums if you're having trouble.

There are three main quest systems on ABCUO, each handled differently.

Classic Quests
The original UO quests such as the Hag's quest are received by single-clicking the quest NPC and selecting the quest option (such as "talk"). To manage the quest thereafter (such as to view the quest log or to cancel the quest), single-click yourself and select the relevant option. You can only do one classic quest at a time.
  • The Collector - In Ocllo, Elwood McCarrin seeks a supplier for his ever-growing collection. He's in the tavern near the docks, hoping you can help him.
  • The Summoning - In dungeon Doom, Victoria the Sorceress can give you access to the Doom Gauntlet if you can provide her with daemon bones.
  • The Witch's Apprentice - Grizelda the Hag needs help locating her apprentice. Watch out for the imp Zeefzorpul!
  • The Study of the Solen Hive - The naturalist in Britain public library seeks an assistant to help with his research.
  • The Ambitious Solen Queen - In the heart of the solen hives, an ambitious queen is trying to position herself to become the future matriarch.
  • The Solen Matriarch - The black solen colony is threatened by infiltrators from trammel, a colony of red solens. Help her out in exchange for some treasured solen items.

    New-Style Quests
    Newer UO quests added with Mondain's Legacy are managed by the quest button in your paperdoll. To talk to a quester, double-click them. If a quester desires a particular item or items, single-click yourself, select "toggle quest item", and target the items that you wish to turn in. Then talk to the quester again (double-click them) to complete the quest.

    Mondain's Legacy Quests
  • New Player Training in New Haven - A host of trainers in New Haven help guide and encourage new players to train their skills, and offer helpful starter equipment as rewards.
  • Crafter Quests in Heartwood and Sanctuary - There are many elves in Heartwood and Sanctuary who desire knowledge about human crafting. They request samples of simple crafted items and will give you a craftsman's satchel as a reward. Craftsman's satchels always have one piece of magic equipment, plus they have a 1 in 3 chance of containing a non-artifact elven recipe, a 1 in 3 chance of containing a talisman (always a type 1 "standard" talisman), and also a 1 in 500 chance of an aquarium. Elven bowyer and carpenter quests have a 1 in 30 chance of rewarding you with an oak runic tool.
  • Peerless Quests - In order to challenge a peerless boss, you must first do the associated quest. Read the page about peerless bosses for more details.
  • Elven Heritage - To become an elf, find Darius the Wise in the Lycaeum.
  • Human Heritage - To become a human, speak to Nedrick the Iron Worker.
  • Patience - Aeluva in Heartwood gives this quest which teaches you Spellweaving.
  • Discipline - Koole in Sanctuary gives this quest which teaches you Spellweaving.
  • Fiendish Friends - Elder Brae in Sanctuary gives this quest which gives you the opportunity to summon fiends with spellweaving.
  • Friend of the Fey - Synaeva in Heartwood can give you the power to summon the fey with spellweaving.
  • Gareth, Emissary of the Rise of Britannia Campaign - A series of quests to test your humility. Quest characters that would otherwise be in Trammel are located in Felucca, with the exception of one character in New Haven. The quest begins with Gareth in Trinsic.

    Quests in Ter Mur
  • Rumors Abound - Egwexem the Noble has heard rumors of dangers in the Holy City. Honor demands that you aid the Elders.
  • Secrets of the Soulforge - Beninort the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.
  • Knowledge of the Soulforge - Aurvidlem the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.
  • Mastering the Soulforge - Ansikart the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.
  • A Little Something - Ansikart the Artificer has a request for a little something.
  • Into the Void - Agralem the Bladeweaver is recruiting help to battle void daemons.
  • The Exchange - Help Aliabeth the Tinker find special gifts for her family.
  • A Worthy Proposition - Aliabeth the Tinker seeks materials for her new project.
  • A Mystic's Journey - For a very reasonable price, Ortlem the Mystic can provide a tool to help you train skills.
  • Thepem and Zosilem the Alchemists can make a variety of unusual concoctions for you if you can provide the raw materials.
  • Percolem the Hunter would like you to carry on his legacy.
  • Axem the Curator seeks historical relics for the Museum of Wonders.
  • Unusual Goods - Silem the Fence deals with black market goods and merely needs a trading partner.
  • In the Weeds - Farmer Nash needs help with a little weed problem.

    Custom Quests
  • A Late Assignment - Students of Arcane Crafting are having trouble with their homework assignments. Help them out for an opportunity to learn the arcane arts yourself. Students can be found in randomized locations within felucca towns.
  • Rival Laboratories - An apothecary in Buccaneer's Den needs help dealing with a troublesome pharmacist.
  • Elemental Mining - A semi-retired but once legendary miner in Minoc is looking for a peculiar type of gem.
  • Samurai Redemption - A young samurai master in Zento requires assistance finding his lord. Helping him may restore your honor. You must wear your samurai helm to begin.
  • Remedy for Senility - A senile alchemist in Moonglow is looking for a partner to help find the secret to eternal youth. This secret may benefit you if you are also suffering from senility.

    Other Custom Quests on ABCUO
    These quests do not have to be formally accepted. Single-click on the quester and select the "talk" option to see the quester desires. If they require an item, drag and drop the item on the quester. If you need to carry a message to somebody, place the message in your main backpack and select "talk" on the person who should receive the message.

    Quests in Kalandor Dungeon
  • At the very entrance to the dungeon, Cecil needs to recover a lost gift for his friend Melanie. He offers a piece of lower reagent cost armor in return for your help.
  • Skisbalsil claims that Cecil is lying and that Melanie is his niece, and wants you to return the gift to him. He offers a piece of gargish lower reagent cost armor in exchange.
  • Keel, a Guardian of Kalandor, requests assistance with the lesser daemon Kreznebah who seems to be overreaching a bit.
  • Keirn, a Guardian of Kalandor, would like you to collect 30 pink feathers for him.
  • Souls of Kalandor: Tucked away in a corner of the second level of the dungeon, the Soulkeeper is accepting challenges. To be able to challenge him you will need to collect 200 souls of kalandor from various monsters in the dungeon.

    Quests in Ocllo
  • A rising threat in Ocllo: Caine and his two brothers are being harrassed by golden winged familiars. Find Caine in the south end of town and see if you can help him out.
  • Hal is looking for his brother Tal, who he suspects is out doing his silly research. Help them connect with each other again.
  • Rudy in the southwest part of town is looking for his lady love.
  • Meli the Portly Monk has been robbed by a creature in the Tirath Caves (via the hole in the ground north of Ocllo bank). Help him get his things back.
  • Outcasts - Guard Norris is looking for help protecting the island from a band of outcasts.

    Quests in Felucca
  • At the nothwest corner of town, Guard Zell needs help against the undead in the Britain Graveyard.
  • A drunken monk in Britain is desperate for a leg bone ale. The wizard Fizzleband in the Tirath Caves (take the hole in the ground north of Ocllo bank) can help with that.
  • The Shadow Council - Gloris the Cleric awaits your help; she resides in Blackthorn's castle north of Britain. This is a long quest.
  • Hydra Scales - Bastian in Nujel'm crafts armor out of hydra scales, but needs help acquiring the scales. The hydras reside in the Prism of Light. He requests that you collect 100 hydra scales for him.
  • In Minoc, War Master Pinnacle is enlisting help in what he considers a world-threatening danger. This is a long quest.
  • The Poachers - Garret the Hunter is a poacher in Jhelom, willing to accept you in his fold if you can help him first.
  • Gazer Tricks - In dungeon Shame, Terry the Trickster can show you a neat trick if you can give him something he needs.
  • Burning Essences - Deep in the dungeon Shame, Zod, the lord of fire, would like to begin a magic ritual that will cleanse the land. The task he gives you is not easy.
  • Ingots - In the city of Wind, three specialized blacksmiths can help you work unusual ingots that are held by the town denizens.
  • Renegade Apprentices - In a corner of Moonglow, Uthos the Legendary Mage needs help dealing with troublesome former apprentices.
  • The Clock - Miles Buxtor, a resident of Moonglow island, seems to have had his grandfather clock stolen.
  • A Floating Blue Crystal - In Moonglow town proper, Kryicks the Story Teller speaks of strange pentagrams to the southeast on Moonglow island.
  • Darkmoor Camp - Northwest of the Britain crossroads, a new organization has taken over the murderer camp. Find their secret. 


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